Why all protestors should go to church this morning…

Any and all protests that do not originate from the table of the lord and the gathering of the saints on the lords day are doomed to fail. But, by the Spirit any movement that does indeed originate at the table in the gathering of the saints is destined to never fail.

So, here’s my plea and explanation as to why you should quit the struggle and instead rest in the lord.

The foundation and source of all oppression is spiritual idolatry. Idolaters are oppressed by the very nature of spiritual idolatry. But those who are free in Christ shall be set free. The freedom that christ brings is not automatically comprehensive. it grows gradually by the spirit as we show ourselves faithful in the little things of life. It dawns like the day– gradually by grace.

The overwhelming majority of oppression that we experience today whether that be by the hands of our overweening police state or credit card companies is on account of the idol of power.

Now, power is not inherently evil. It is one of the gifts of God to his faithful-in-the-little-things people. But, the idolatry of power is evil. It is demonstrated when we scrape, claw and struggle for it. When we fight for power and sin for power we demonstrate our idolatries. We demonstrate that we believe power to be salvific. When we rage and shake our fists for power we ensure that we will continue in oppression. Even if we are freed from one tyrant we will only fall into the trap of another.

The only solution is to repent of idolatry and rest in Christ by being faithful with the little bits of power we have already been given. For the power of man is never salvific. But the power of Christ has already overcome the world.

I say all of this to say this one thing: the kingdom of God is advanced by grace not by humanistic striving. It comes by the power of the spirit and not the might of man. It and all of its attendant promises of freedom and abundance are gifts to be received from the lord.

So, repent of the struggle. Rest in the lord.

To rest in the lord is not a concept that is commonly known in Acadiana but one very important aspect of it is resting on the sabbath day. Then with the saints who rule and reign with christ worship the one who grants power as a free gift, remember the one who received power by way of sacrifice not struggle, and gather together at the table of free bread and wine with our king and our fellow saints.

Be free in your heart, and in time you will be free in every area of life.

Isaiah 31:1-3
John 15:5

P.S. I recognize that to many I am speaking in what almost seems like another language. It is the language of the church. If you recognize a glimmer of hope in any of what I have said, would you join us at church this morning (www.wearechristchurch.org). It is there that you will in due time come to understand everything I am saying. it is there that you will meet christ, the one who sets the captives free.

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