On the simple who hate tithing but love losing…

Honor the LORD with thy substance; and with the firstfruits of all thine increase: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine (Prov. 3:9–10).

Why is it that we would give God’s entrusted money to the Casino when we know full well that the House always wins? Why would we hand over God’s entrusted money to Lady Luck who is no lady at all? How rebellious and foolish we are to gamble with our margins or to give the tithe to the Casino. We know the Algorithm is not in our favor. In fact, it is designed by wicked men to plunder simple men. When you occasionally win, its just bait on the hook.

Why not rather trust God’s covenantal “algorithm”– Work, earn profit, save, tithe, and be enriched (Proverbs 3:9-10). With heartfelt obedience to God, you never lose. Even when you “lose” you win (John 12:24). Why would you resist the light yoke of God and yet bow down to the bondage of corrupt politicians? This is a rhetorical question, but you should take a moment to ask it to yourself and to God. Why? Because spiritual slaves today will be spiritual slaves forever unless they turn to the Lord.

The casino is designed by the wicked, propped up by the powerful and rigged to prey on the simple. The deck is stacked against you. The shiny lights blind your mind from the truth as the lord’s blessings to you and your children are ignorantly handed over to greedy gods. It’s what keeps you and your children down.

God has designed a better way: a way of justice and righteousness, a way that protects and even enriches the poor, a way that grants wisdom to the simple. A way that should be propped up by the powerful. a way that frees you and your children.

When you give your earned profits to the Casino, the house always wins. Unjust politicians win for a season. Evil and injustice reigns for a moment.
But, with the Lord you always win for He honors those who honor him. Those are the House rules and it’s your move.

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