It seems that everyone is pessimistic about the future of the United States and even the world. The conventional wisdom is that the Church is shrinking and secularism is on the rise.  Yet, I’m not buying it.  Here are a few narratives that can perhaps reshape your thinking about the future of the church in America. Each of these come from the historical and statistical work of Rodney Stark.  Check him out on Goodreads.


Young people aren’t leaving the church. When they grow up and have kids they will go back to church.
Church attendance is not declining. Held steady for 40 years
The number of people who say they have no religious affiliation is not growing. The percentage of atheists has always been about 4%.
Young Evangelicals are not leaving the church over “enlightened” views about sex.
More Americans belong to a church than ever before!
The older denominations are shrinking fast with mostly the elderly remaining. Conservative biblical churches are picking up the slack.
And we have more kids!
Christ isn’t out of style. The Bible is still relevant. The light won’t be dismissed.
Don’t let the negative press slow you down! The mission is still on!