Christ Church’s mission is to call all of Acadiana to follow all of Christ in all of life.  This includes teaching acadiana how to observe what Christ teaches regarding debt, finances, and economics.  Here are a few biblical thoughts on the subject of loan forgiveness.

Debt cannot be simply “forgiven;” It must be paid. The debt slave must be redeemed by one with the power to pay the ransom and offer a satisfactory atonement. Debt cannot be erased. It will be paid by someone.

The only way the leviathan state can offer loan forgiveness is by inflating our currency or directly stealing it from property owners. Both of these approaches are sinful and societally destructive.

The Bible teaches that The borrower is slave to the lender. This is the heart of debt bondage. Our nation has chosen to become slaves literally because we are slaves spiritually— slaves to greed, ambition, human pride, etc. we’ve turned back to Egypt for the leeks and onions. the only way forward is repentance and adherence to Gods law concerning economics and money.

The Bible teaches that he who desires to get rich quick will suffer destruction. Leverage is a get rich quick risk. You don’t need to get rich quick so that you can gobble it up or proudly pat yourself on the back. You only need to turn profit with what the lord actually has given you (aka income). Then hand that saved profit to your children where they will carry it forward into the future of Gods ever expanding kingdom.

The leviathan state is dangling “freedom” to slaves while it has no power to forgive the debts owed. Meanwhile the state does not stop offering loans and creating more dependent, trapped slaves. Federal loans are destroying lives and yet the state continues the programs. This simple fact demonstrates the state’s hypocrisy and evil.

The overwhelming majority of student loan debt is owed by high income wage earners like doctors. It’s sad how politicians claim to be for the poor and downtrodden when their actual policies only make more poor and eradicate the middle.

The saddest thing in all of this is all of the women just wanting to be wives and moms but are stuck in some corporate, middle management position pushing papers for the Man because they took out loans to follow manlike ambitions. This is the “freedom” feminism offers.

The Bible has much to say about interest and debt free loans for the poor. I’d need to study this topic more but perhaps godly help could be offered the poor by no longer charging interest.

And finally Dave Ramsey has a great step by step plan for getting out of debt. Everyone should try it. If one gets annoyed or triggered by his name, they should especially try it. The podcast is good and the class is better. I think we will be offering another class this summer.


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