The key strategy for libertarians and for all opposed to our overweening tyrannical government is the TITHE. The tithe is where all the church–the black and the white; the protestant and the Catholic–should unite in a full frontal resistance to the tyrannical state both in its local and federal iterations.
Follow me.
The tithe was universal requirement in all of Christendom until the 18th century. It was around the time of the French Revolution that the tithe fell away as a requirement for the people of God in the western church.
As an example, the preaching of the tithe was illegal in the former Soviet Union. Preachers who required the tithe would have quickly found themselves in a prison camp.
But, this is nothing new. In 1 Samuel 8 God warned Israel that a king like all the other nations would rob them of their possessions and would rob God of his tithe.
Why is this? Why is it that totalitarians and statists have always been against paying a 10% of tribute to God?
The reasons tyrants oppose tithing is that the tithe is God’s prescribed strategy for taking care of a number of societal needs. The tithe funded education, welfare, social security, health care, worship, and religious festivals. The tithe was God’s prescribed method of caring for society. And, these social needs were cared for without the overweening State. Societal needs were cared for while leaving the state to be a small ministry of justice as prescribed by God.
Yet, tyrants have always encroached into the sphere of the church and family–not to care for the poor, nor to educate–but to obtain more and more power. The prerogatives of the church and family were and continue to be the coveted realms of all Statists from the Soviet Union to the United States. These prerogatives allow the state to continue usurping God’s design for society and usurping the prerogatives of the church and family–and thereby grow more and more powerful and essential in the life of its citizens.
On top of this, just ask yourself if what they are truly up to is education? Or welfare? Is it not the case that generally they destroy the poor? Is it not true that they frustrate any of the poor who have character and reward all the poor that would bow at their feet remaining perpetually dependent.
On account of this tyrannical revolution, the church has withered to Sunday morning concerts and turkey baskets on thanksgiving. The church must depend on capitol campaigns, legacy offerings, marketing and sociological tricks to raise funds for even the basic of services. Christian organizations must bow to the federal grant money and perpetually beg donors just to get by. The family has been obliterated in an all out frontal attack by feminists, statists, pornographers, and all manner of the godless. Then after robbing us of our tithes and tribute, the statists accuse the church and the family of not caring for the poor or for education and health care.
So what is the way forward? How can we resist? What is the key strategy to establishing liberty in our nation and standing against the tyrant in both its local and federal manifestations? The Tithe. The tithe is the battle cry of all true libertarians.
Let me explain: The people of God must reestablish the tithe and learn once again to meet the basic social functions of health, welfare and education through that tithe. This would lead to stripping the state of its pretension, and usurped prerogatives. It would take many generations, but we must take back our money, resources, and –hey christian– our kids too!
Not until the people of God are willing to reconstruct society according to the pattern of the tithe will we strip totalitarianism of its power and usurped prerogatives.
The tithe is the key to saving our country. Stripping the state down until it is once against what it is intended to be: a minister of justice punishing evildoers and establishing justice according to the laws of God. And, if this is done well, trust me, it won’t cost that much.