As Christians already know abortion doctors are daily engaged in the most bloody and ghoulish of practices incurring and storing up for themselves great judgment.

But, would you for a moment think through this with me?

Who were the contractors who built their offices and clinics? The painters? The electricians? And, who do they call when the plumbing is out of order? And, who supplies their printers with ink, services their network, provides their cell service?

Who paid for the infrastructure leading up to the parking lot? Who were the political leaders who signed off on the zoning? And the engineers that stamped the original construction plans? Who are the landlords? Who are the sheriffs that do not protect? And, the magistrates who do not do justice?

And, who designed the medical equipment? Who developed the various procedures? Who taught the doctor their trade? And who are the lawyers who litigate for them upon any threats? Who offers them medical insurance? Who does their taxes? Cleans their office? Services their AC? Who is the father?

And who were the citizens who voted for the passive politicians? Which church did these voters attend? Who are the pastors who go on never saying much about the corporate evil of abortion even while young women in their own congregations engage in this ruinous sin?

We could continue this thought experiment for days, but I think if you have read this far you can begin to see how the institution of abortion touches each and every one of us.

Consider slavery for a moment: One of the big debates surrounding slavery is whether or not individuals were complicit in the slave trade even if they themselves didn’t have the wealth or willingness to purchase a slave. I hope that in this small thought experiment you can see how a slave trade must by necessity touch all of life. When a society turns away from god to idols, the idols are not content to corrupt just a small corner of operations. They press their claims into all of life. They corrupt all of life. And, as a result all of life comes under the judgment of God.

This is where our nation is today. Will future generations debate as to whether or not all Americans were guilty of abortion? Will some insist that only those who performed abortions or who received them themselves were guilty? Or will they see with greater clarity that a society wide institution corrupts us all, and; endangers us all.

For the Christian or the Pastor, there is (as far as I can tell) only one way to not incur the corporate guilt of abortion: To resist. To completely and utterly do whatever is in our power to resist the institution including but not limited to excommunication, refusal to provide services, peaceful protesting, speaking out, voting out, rebuke, shame, etc.

And perhaps above all else, ask your pastor why they don’t take up the keys of church authority and excommunicate those who unrepentantly participate in the holocaust. I do believe that if the church would rule, the blight of abortion would collapse under God’s judgment. But, as was the case during the days of slavery, churches and church attendees self-justify, shrug and remain silent. Pastors refuse to excommunicate the complicit and church members continue tithing to and refuse to secede from churches that remain complicit. Come out from among them!

Would we consider what part we might be unwittingly playing in this modern day holocaust? Would we come out from among the corrupt and passively complicit churches of our day? Would we refuse to support and cheerlead for any and all passive-for-life politicians? Would we repent before it’s too late?


In Christ,
Pastor Brandon Nealy